This section describes the employee benefits. Since most benefits are the same across federal agencies, we recommend using the same benefits language.

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This section will automatically, and always, include the initial paragraph and link seen above, followed by information that you provide, followed by a disclaimer explaining that benefits are sometimes not the same for all agencies.

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Agency benefits

This text allows the agency to describe benefits that they offer above and beyond the standard Federal government benefits. If your agency has it’s own benefits page, you can add a link to that page.

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Suggested text

Learn more about our benefits and careers: [Insert link to agency specific benefits or career page]


  • May add a link to an agency-specific benefits or career page, but make sure the link label accurately describes the page.
    • For example, if you only have a benefits page, the label should say “Learn more about our benefits”. If you have a benefits and career page together, use “Learn more about our benefits and careers.”

Do Not

  • Do not repeat benefits information in any other section — it should only appear in the benefits section.
  • Do not repeat benefits information that is already made available via the links above.
  • Do not retain broken links to old help content. The link to has not worked for over 2 years. Please remove this link.

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