This job is open to

This section gives an "at-a-glance" view of who the job is open to.

Required by USAJOBS


Required by Policy


How to update the “This job is open to” section

There are two ways to populate this section:

  1. Using the multi-select hiring path list in your TAS. If your agency TAS has updated their system to use the multi-select, this will be your only option to add a hiring path to your job announcement. The hiring path icons and their text descriptions will appear in the “This job is open to” section based on the options you select.
  2. Using the text in the Who May Apply section. If your agency TAS has not updated their system to use the multi-select hiring path list, you will continue to use the Who May Apply section. The hiring path icons and their text descriptions will appear in the “This job is open to” section based on the text that is in Who May Apply.

Mapping Who May Apply to the hiring paths

The table below shows the content you need to use in the Who May Apply section to display the matching hiring path. For example, if you want your job announcement to display “Open to the public”, you must enter “U.S. Citizens” in the Who May Apply field. Or, we’ll also display “Open to the public”, if you don’t enter anything in the Who May Apply field.

Hiring Path Who May Apply content
Open to the public U.S. Citizens
Federal employees - Competitive service Federal Employees, Current Federal Employees, Merit Promotion, Status Candidates
Federal employees - Excepted service Excepted Service
Internal to an agency Internal Employee, Agency Employee
Career transition (CTAP, ICTAP, RPL) CTAP, Career Transition Assistance Program, ICTAP, Interagency Career Transition Assistance Program, Reemployment Priority List, RPL
Veterans Expanded Veteran Hiring Opportunity, EVHO, Veterans Recruitment, VRA, VEOA, Veterans Employment Opportunity Act, 30% Disabled
Students Students, Current Intern
Recent graduates Recent Graduate
Individuals with disabilities Schedule A, Individuals with Disabilities
Military spouses Military Spouse
National Guard & Reserves National Guard
Native Americans Indian Preference, Native American
Land and base management Land Management, Base Management
Peace Corps & AmeriCorps Vista Peace Corps, AmeriCorps, Vista
Senior Executives Determined by ES pay plan and minimum salary of $119,000
Family of overseas employees Overseas, Family Member Preference, Eligible Family Member

Clarification from agency

Use this section for additional eligibility information.

Example If you only want to hire from within a specific department, you would select the Internal to an agency hiring path and use the Clarification from agency section to indicate the job is open to department employees only.

Required by USAJOBS

Conditional. If you use an exclusive hiring path or special authority, you need to include clarification text.

Required by Policy


Questions about the hiring paths?

If you don’t understand why a job announcement is being assigned a hiring path based on the text you provide then you and your Talent Acquisition System (TAS) vendor can use the full list of valid and invalid text for hiring paths (production) located on our developer site (UAT).

NOTE: We have established our hiring paths as an enumerated list that your Talent Acquisition System (TAS) vendor can use in the future to allow you to select valid options without having to supply the text. The two fields are named “Hiring Path Code” and “Hiring Path Explanation” in our Data Dictionary. Talk to your vendor about this feature. We strongly encourage agencies to switch to using these new fields. String parsing is a temporary solution that allows us to transition to a more structured way of providing and presenting this information to job seekers.


This example shows all of the possible hiring paths. No single job would feature all of these.

Second announcement

Use this section when the job is also open in a second job announcement to other hiring paths.

The Second announcement section will appear directly below the This job is open to. The Second announcement says “This job is also open in another announcement to” and will list the other hiring paths.

Clicking on the link will open a new tab or window, depending on the preference the user set in their browser, with the the full second job announcement.

NOTE: This is a new field and may not yet be offered by your Talent Acquisition System (TAS). Work with your vendor in order to be able to use this field.

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