You can embed videos for job seekers to review.

Multiple sources for videos are accepted. YouTube is the most frequent site used. These tips will help ensure your videos are visible to job seekers.

How to embed videos

Here are two tips on how to embed videos for display:

  1. You cannot copy the YouTube URL and put it into the job announcement. Based on the instructions YouTube provides in their help center , you must select the embed option to get the correct URL.
  2. YouTube does not use http in their URLs, and instead use HTTPS. If you use the incorrect link, your embedded video will not display.


  • For a job announcement, select a video from Youtube to add. To get the correct URL, click the share icon, and then click the embed option. This shows us the full embed information for that video, but we only need to copy the embed code and paste that into the video section of our job announcement.
  • When the job gets posted, potential applicants can watch the video without leaving the job announcement. As you’ll notice, the specific code for our video does not change, so if desired, you can simply use the beginning URL portion of and then add the specific code for your video.

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