What’s new with USAJOBS and the job announcement

We’ll provide regular updates on changes to USAJOBS and the job announcement.

Changes with USAJOBS Release 7.6)

In this release of USAJOBS, we made the following changes:

  • Created two new SIF fields: Position Sensitivity and Risk and Type of Adjudication.
  • Added the new Position Sensitivity and Risk and Type of Adjudication to the job announcement and print preview.
  • Added the new Position Sensitivity and Risk and Type of Adjudication fields from the job announcement in the API and that the "security clearance" field is returned in the API.
  • Changed the link to find information on General Delivery to https://usps.force.com/faq/s/article/What-is-General-Delivery.
  • Added new occupations to the Explore Opportunities tab.
  • Fixed the "Find My Profile" email so it goes out if the address meets the Internet Email Standard.
  • Fixed emails to remove trailing spaces so that emails will go out and not get stuck in Notification Queue.
  • Added Hiring organization/Sub agency, Major duties list and Recruiter contact information to the API and it now indexes the new Summary field so it's retrievable through the API.
  • Updated the code to support the latest version of elastic search.
  • Updated so documents can be uploaded from the Apply process.
  • Added Agency Contacts URL to “Learn more about this agency” modal.
  • Fixed location autocomplete so it works as designed.
  • Added GSA’s GLC codes for overseas locations into USAJOBS.
  • Updated the SIF validation rules to allow for the use of GLC codes.
  • Updated the Video field, so SIF submissions with a VideoURL that does not begin with "http://" or "https://" are rejected and only valid URLs are entered.
  • Replaced hrJobSummary with the new Summary in the JSON.
  • Created the USDS JOA pilot announcement.

Changes released January 11, 2019 (USAJOBS Release 7.5)

In this release of USAJOBS, we made the following changes:

  • Updated the styling of the USAJOBS sign out page to follow the USAJOBS Design System.
  • Fixed a search issue in IE--the site will perform a search when a user clicks on the magnifying glass button or hits the enter key.
  • Fixed issues within Resume Builder and preview: it now displays the correct country name or abbreviation, the full location name, improves the experience for screen readers, and allows JAWS users to upload resumes from the Add New Resume modal.
  • Updated the "Series" drop down list in the Experience section of the profile to include all active and inactive series.
  • Updated the "Are you a U.S. citizen?" question in the profile.
  • Edited the Security Clearance filters in search and the API, as well as editing the security clearance values in the SIF.
  • Optimized searches, made hiring paths for search data driven.
  • Fixed search to not strip leading zeros in zip codes to improve search results.
  • Updated resume search functionality to re-index when a user updates their hiring path selection(s) in their profile.
  • Updated the Veterans hiring path sub-text.
  • Added the GSA GLC dataset to USAJOBS.
  • Updated the public API to show any jobs with the public hiring path.
  • Updated the API documentation on the developer website.
  • Updated the authentication process for ATP--now users have a choice of authentication methods.
  • Improved the change password functionality in ATP.
  • Added a sign out page in ATP.
  • Added a 'time out' page in ATP.
  • Added a hover state over the add team member icon (+) in ATP--this helps a user know the icon can be selected.
  • Updated the ATP Administrator role to have the ability to remove access to an SSO account within Manage Users, so the SSO user can't access ATP.
  • Added ability for a managing user in ATP to know when a user (they are managing) last logged into ATP.
  • Updated the search results page in ATP to include the search bar and search parameters, when returning from a job seeker's detail page.
  • Removed code in the ATP API that was no longer needed.

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