Release notes

Changes to be made on September 1, 2017 (USAJOBS Release 6.6)

The most recent update to USAJOBS introduces a new job announcement layout, search filter changes, and some content updates.

We made the following changes:

1. Removed "Land management" hiring path

We removed Land Management as a searchable filter because if you’re eligible for Land Management, you’re also eligible to apply for any job listed under the Federal Employee hiring path. Therefore, we don’t need to have a distinct search filter for Land Management.

We removed the Land Management hiring path from the USAJOBS search filter, the This job is open to section in the job announcement, and the USAJOBS landing page.

We kept a Help Center page to explain Land Management to applicants:

2. Created a new Help Center page for the Base management hiring path

We added a Help center page to explain the “Base Management” eligibility for employees of the Defense Industrial Base Facility or the Major Range and Test Facilities Base.

3. Updated the travel percentage options

Based on feedback from our users, we updated the travel percentage options in the search filters. We also updated the options for the question “What percentage of duty time will you travel?”, that the user can set in their Profile > Preferences.

The new travel percentage options are:

  • Not required
  • Occasional travel
  • 25% or less
  • 50% or less
  • 75% or less
  • 76% or greater

We’ve also updated the travel percentage page in the Help Center.

These changes will make it easier for job seekers to narrow their results by the amount of travel, and it will help HR Specialists more accurately describe a job’s travel requirements.

4. Added an application status indicator in search results

Based on feedback from our users, we now indicate in search results which jobs a user has already applied to and what the status of that application is. This helps users avoid clicking on jobs they've already seen and applied to.

5. Search radius now automatically shown in search results

Our search has always used a default radius (currently set to 25 miles) from the center of the location specified in the location field. A pill that indicates to the user that this radius is in place by default now appears to make that more clear.

6. Updated job announcement

We've made a slew of changes to the job announcement. So many in fact that we decided to create this site to help communicate those changes for this and all subsequent releases. Please review the job announcement details to learn about these changes.