Release notes

Changes released Friday June 1, 2018 (USAJOBS Release 7.1)

This release of USAJOBS focused on back-end infrastructure and preparing for our Profile 7.2 release.

We made a number of changes including:

Consolidated Senior Executives hiring path

We reversed a decision to split the Senior Executives hiring path into two paths. This was causing confusion in both how jobs were posted and how users understood the paths in search.

Promotion Potential

We added a new Promotion Potential text field so that additional context may be provided.

Updating the language in the first paragraph of the Reasonable Acommodation policy.

This was a policy compliance change.

Correcting session inactivity across tabs

A fix for calculating the session timeout correctly when multiple tabs are open to the site.

Demographics opt-out fix

This fixes the ability for the user to opt-out of providing demographics information.