Release notes

Changes released Friday July 27, 2018 (USAJOBS Release 7.2)

This release of USAJOBS updates the user Profile section of the site.

We made a number of changes including:

Hiring paths added to profile

We're now capturing hiring paths in a user's profile. We plan to leverage this data in the future to drive down the number of ineligible applicants. We also plan to add hiring path selection to a new user on-boarding experience.

All sections of the resume builder can now be collected for all users

We added education, languages, organizations, and references to a user's profile. We plan on adding this information to our resume mining feature in the Agency Talent Portal.

Profile - Eligibility is now Profile - Experience

We changed the Eligibility seciton of Profile to capture Federal and Military service. We also added the ability for users to add their work experience.