How to enter an international phone number when creating a account

When you create a account, you’ll be asked to enter a phone number where you can receive a one-time security code. For international phone numbers, can only send the security code by SMS (text message). If you want to use an international number, it needs to be a mobile number.

On the Secure Account screen, select the Text Message/SMS option and follow these steps to enter an international phone number:

  1. Select the country where your phone number is located - this will pre-populate the country code into the phone number field.
  2. Check the phone number field to make sure the correct country code is showing.
  3. Enter the remaining phone number digits into the phone number field - DO NOT enter the country code again and DO NOT enter the international prefix/dial out code (i.e. 00, 010, 011).
  4. Click Send security code and follow the remaining steps.

If you have issues using an international phone number, because of limited access or cell service, you can use an authentication application or set up a free text messaging app.