How to view job applications

When you sign in to your USAJOBS profile, you’ll see a list of your job applications. Any job application you create on USAJOBS is automatically saved to your profile — this includes complete, incomplete and archived applications.

Active vs. archived applications

Job applications are grouped into active and archived. Active applications are applications you’re currently working on or waiting to hear back on. Archived applications are applications you want to keep, but may not want to see if your active list.

You’ll only see the 10 most recent applications, but you can choose to display more.

What’s in the job application listing?

Each job application listing gives a quick summary of the position, the status of your application, and if you need to complete or update the application. Here’s what you can do:

Sort your applications

Your applications are listed from newest to oldest by default, but you can sort by:

  • Last updated
  • Agency
  • Job title
  • Closing date
  • Status

Receive email notifications

You can receive emails to let you know if the status of your job application changes, or if a job, that you applied to, is closed. To get email notifications, click on the Notifications icon and select which email(s) you want to receive.

View job announcement information

Click the + to see more details about the job application. Each application has a summary including:

Learn more about the job announcement.

View the status of your application

Each application is labeled with a status to indicate its progress through the federal application process. These statuses will tell you if your application is in progress, received, canceled, incomplete or unavailable. Understand the different application statuses.

Update or complete your application

Depending on the status of your job application, and if the job is still accepting applications, you may see a button to Update Application or Continue Application.

You may need to continue an application, if it’s still in progress and you haven’t submitted it yet.

You may need to update an application if it was rejected as incomplete or if the job is still open and you want to add more information.


You can archive a job application to save it for your personal records and get it out of your active list. Learn how to archive an application.