How to filter results by location

To search for a job by location:

  1. Enter a city, county, state, zip code or country in the Location search box at the top of any page. You may have to click on the Search icon, at the top of the page, to display the Location box.
  2. Keep typing the location or select from the auto-populated choices.
  3. Click Search.

Your location(s) will display above your search results.

Watch this short video on how to search by location

Add and remove locations

You can search on multiple locations at the same time – just enter another location in the Location search box (you can only enter one at a time). You can search by city, county, state, zip code or country.

The locations will appear above your search results. To remove a location, click on the x next to the location you want to remove. Your search results will update every time you add or remove a location.

Change the distance within a location

When you search by a city, we automatically show you jobs within a 25-mile radius. Go to More Filters to change the radius. We do not use a radius if you search by state or country.

Find jobs with relocation assistance

Some jobs offer relocation assistance. Go to More Filters and select the Offers relocation assistance checkbox.