How to search by keyword

Use the keyword search box to enter a job title, department, agency, job series or other keywords. The keyword search box is located at the top of the page. You may have to click the search icon in the upper right corner to make the search box appear.

Search for a single keyword

When you enter a single keyword, we’ll look for all jobs that contain the keyword. We’ll display the most relevant jobs first. For example, if the keyword appears in the job title, we’ll display those jobs first.

Search for multiple keywords

When you enter more than one keyword, we’ll look for jobs that contain all of the keywords together. Each of the keywords you enter must exist in the job announcement for that announcement to be returned. For example, if you enter “program analyst”, we’ll look for jobs that contain both program and analyst together.

Search for an exact match

You can use quotations to help you search for an exact match. For example, if you search for “physical fitness”, we’ll only show jobs that include the words “physical fitness” side-by-side.