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USAJOBS Design System

The central source for the style and interaction guidelines for the next generation of USAJOBS.

Creating the next generation of USAJOBS

This design system represents the start of the next generation of USAJOBS. A design system describes the base visual language, using UI elements and style guidelines, upon which the site can be built. It will also include examples and usage guidelines of new components.

Rapid prototyping

Because the design system is brand new it also acts as a prototyping toolkit. This allows us to quickly explore new ideas in code and iterate on our designs. New projects within USAJOBS will leverage and potentially extend the design system further.

Based on the U.S. Web Design Standards

The USAJOBS design system starts with the U.S. Web Design Standards and extends them to meet the needs of the USAJOBS next generation project. This repo allows the team working on USAJOBS to:

  1. Document where we have intentionally deviated from an existing guildeline in the U.S. Web Design Standards and provide a platform for contributing back to those standards.
  2. Document where we have unintentionally deviated from an existing guideline in the U.S. Web Design Standards and want to track getting back inline with the standards.
  3. Design new components or elements that are not yet a part of the U.S. Web Design Standards. These components or elements may or may not be appropriate to contribute back to the standards given their potential for reuse elsewhere.

Design Pillars: Grounded in research

USAJOBS joined forces with The Lab at OPM to conduct qualitative user interviews with applicants and HR specialists. From the research, we developed 6 design pillars to keep in mind as we improve

  • Design Pillar 1: Helping Hands

    Clearly guide applicants to the information they need to make confident job search and application decisions.

  • Design Pillar 2: Keep It Simple

    Set clear application expectations and present a unified and simplified application process.

  • Design Pillar 3: Where's Waldo

    Provide opportunities for applicants to showcase their unique qualities.

  • Design Pillar 4: Speak my Language

    Convey information in a language that every applicant can understand.

  • Design Pillar 5: One Stop Shop

    Serve as the most trusted resource for Federal hiring information.

  • Design Pillar 6: Looks Matter

    Provide a thoughtfully crafted experience that helps users accomplish their intended goals.