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Job seekers can navigate to other jobs in the same series or related occupations

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Similar Jobs

Job family (Series)

2210 Information Technology Management
Explore STEM careers

Jobs that are in high demand that the government is looking to fill immediately.


  • The links in this section MUST be either bold or 19px in order to meet contrast requirements given that the link color is blue and the background is blue.


  • This is a new section (as of release 6.6) and a revision to that section that adds mission critical occupations.
Job family (Series)
  • Displays each series associated with the job.
  • The series will have a blue dot prefix (triggered by the class .is-mco) when it is a series defined as mission critical. The list of mission critical series matches the series displayed on the landing page.
Related occupations
  • Displays up to 6 SOC occupations that match the job and the count of total jobs, including this one, that search returns for that occupation.
  • Highlights mission critical occupations using either the Mission critical code or a fall-back URL as defined below.
  • If there are 1 or more jobs tagged using the Mission critical code then the link points to search results with that filter applied. A pill is added to represent that tag using the value of the tag name.
  • If there are 0 jobs tagged using the Mission critical code then each tag has a "fallback" URL as follows:
    1. Cybersecurity:
    2. Data Science:
    3. Economist:
    4. Grants Management:
    5. Privacy:
    6. Program/Project Management:
    7. STEM: No fallback - do not show the link
Job that are in high demand... (Key)
  • The key for series should only appear when there is a series in the job family list that is defined as mission critical.


When to use
  • Appears between the "Duties" and "Requirements" sections of the job announcement.