The outer container of the grid along with common page layouts.

1 main content well with 1 right rail


Main content well

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  • The .usajobs-shell element is a container that acts as the shell of the page, locking the page content at 1600px/160rem wide. We are transitioning across products to a shell width of 1600px from 1200px wide.
  • The page gutter size is 1.5rem/15px below the ML breakpoint (768px) and grows to 3rem(30px from that breakpoint on. Note however that it is set on the .usajobs-grid and not the .usajobs-shell class to make it easier to include full-bleed components.
  • The .usajobs-grid should be used within the page shell and can be used to wrap content that is not in a component or page-specific layout.