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How to approve an opportunity

If you’re a sitewide, community or sub-community administrator, you are responsible for approving new opportunities to be posted on Open Opportunities. You will get an email when there is an opportunity ready for you to review and approve. You can click on the link in the email to open the opportunity or sign into Open Opportunities at any time to see if you have opportunities to approve.

  1. Sign in to Open Opportunities.
  2. Click Administration and you’ll go to your dashboard.
  3. Go to the Sitewide, Agency or Community tab. Depending on your role, you’ll only see tab options that you’re an administrator for. If you are a community manager, you will only see the Community tab.
  4. Click Manage Opportunities in the sub-navigation. You’ll see the default view of submitted opportunities that are ready to review.
  5. Click the opportunity title that you want to review.
  6. Review the opportunity to make sure it’s easy to understand and has the correct information.
  7. Email the opportunity creator if you find issues with the content or want to suggest edits. The creator will need to let you know when they’ve made updates. As an administrator you can also edit the opportunity to fix minor spelling mistakes.
  8. Go back to the list of submitted opportunities.
  9. Click the green checkmark under Publish if you want to approve the opportunity.
  10. Click Publish on the confirmation modal—the creator will receive an email that their opportunity was approved and published to the site.
  11. Repeat this process for each submitted opportunity.