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Who can participate?

There are two ways you can participate in Open Opportunities.

Post an opportunity

Any federal employee can create and post an opportunity. Some federal contractors can post opportunities on behalf of their federal manager, but they can’t apply to or work on an opportunity.

Work on an opportunity

Current federal employees can apply to and work on opportunities. If you’re a student you can apply to internship opportunities.

Do I need approval to participate?

Yes. You must have your supervisor’s permission to participate in an opportunity, whether it’s posting an opportunity or applying to one. You must confirm you have your supervisor’s permission during the application process.

Can I participate in an opportunity during my own time?

No. You can only work on an opportunity during your regular work hours. Working on your own time makes you “voluntary” and “unless otherwise authorized by law, an agency may not accept the voluntary services of an employee.” (See 31 U.S.C. 1342.”)