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What are badges?

You can earn badges by participating in or creating an opportunity or internship. We award badges when all participant tasks are complete and the creator clicks Complete on the opportunity or internship.

Badges for applicants

You may receive a badge for participating in an opportunity or internship. The different badges are based on the number of opportunities or internships you complete.


You get the Newcomer badge after you complete your first opportunity.


You get the Maker badge after you complete three opportunities.

Game changer

You get the Game changer badge after you complete five opportunities.


You get the Disruptor badge after you complete 10 opportunities.


You get the Partner badge after you complete 15 opportunities.

Badges for creators

You may receive a badge if you create an opportunity. You’ll receive different badges for the different types of opportunities that are available.


You’ll get the Creator badge after you create your first ongoing opportunity.


You’ll get the Instigator badge after you create your first one-time opportunity.

Team builder

You’ll get the Team builder badge if you assign at least four participants to the same opportunity.

Badges for community managers

You may receive a badge if you’re a community manager.

Community manager

You’ll get the Community manager badge if you assist with the administration of a community. A sitewide administrator or another community manager will award this badge.

Badges for anyone


Only Administrators and Community managers can award this badge to someone.

You’ll get the Ambassador badge if you are a champion of Open Opportunities or of a specific community within Open Opportunities. You help get the word out through marketing, promoting and being a pro-active supporter of the program.


Only Administrators and Community managers can award this badge to someone.

You’ll get the Mentor badge if you have acted as a mentor to another Open Opportunities user.

Badges for students

You’ll get a badge for every internship that you have completed all tasks for.