Help Center

April 17, 2020

Sitewide enhancements

  • Added ability for opportunity creators to duplicate detail and lateral opportunities.
  • Updated the opportunity preview page to display new fields in the How to Apply and Requirements sections.
  • Updated Search to include filters for part-time or full-time details.
  • Added ability for Community Administrators to add and edit text that appears on community search page.
  • Added a community attribute so communities can add a custom link to their search banner, such as a to link to USAJOBS
  • Added help content for the When section on the create opportunity page.
  • Updated the “application received” confirmation email that is sent to applicants to include a community search link.
  • Added the ability for Admins to change the color of the search button in the community banner.
  • Updated metrics to include details and laterals.
  • Updated dropdown menus throughout the site to display in alphabetical order.
  • Moved blue information bar to the right side of the opportunity preview page, to match the display of the opportunity when it’s posted.
  • Updated metrics and the opportunity excel download file to include fields for the number of selectees and the number of completed applicants.
  • Added filler text on the What’s new section of the landing page when there is no new content to display.
  • Fixed character count for the search banner description field, so users know exactly how many characters they have left.