Help Center

August 06, 2021

Sitewide enhancements


  • Updated the profile to show mentoring status.
  • Added a mentorship section to Profile edit page.
  • Updated the people card to display mentoring status.
  • Added a Mentorship filter to the Networking page.
  • Added a new Creator badge.
  • Added alt text to the Mentor badge.
  • Added ability to manually assign the Mentor badge to users.
  • Added a new email notification when a Mentor badge is assigned.


  • Added ability for opportunity creators to leave endorsements for participants.
    • Added an endorsement modal during the Task complete process.
    • Updated the Task complete email notification to include any endorsement.
  • Updated the user Profile to display their endorsements.
  • Changed People search to Your network on profile settings.
  • Changed Saved people tab on homepage to Your network.
  • Updated the Home page and Search page with a notification that highlights the new networking feature.
  • Added a Search people button on Your network tab.
  • Added ability for users who are not signed in to see the Networking page.
  • Revised text on right rail of Search opportunities page.

Bug fixes

  • Removed the ability for line/program office managers to click on .csv files.
  • Fixed the opportunity application from sending error messages.
  • Resolved elastic search duplication for user profiles.