Help Center

February 7, 2020

Sitewide enhancements

  • Updated email notifications for opportunity approval to only go to sitewide approvers,to decrease the number of emails going to administrators.
  • Removed the yellow New Way to Sign In banner.
  • Changed the button label “Edit at”, in user profile, to read “Edit at USAJOBS”.
  • Removed the display of user roles on profiles for non-administrator roles to meet security standards.
  • Added field size and character limit indicator on the Create Opportunity page to help guide users when creating an opportunity.
  • Added an Add/Remove functionality, so administrators can add and remove a Community Manager badge from a users’ profile.
  • Updated the Administrator Dashboard to link users’ names to their profile—now administrators can click a user’s name to go to their profile.
  • Removed the Open Source link in site footer.
  • Updated the Opportunity cards to ignore manually entered HTML to keep a consistent look and feel.
  • Revised the Open Opps favicon.
  • Changed the Create Opportunity field label “Headline” to “Title”.
  • Fixed a bug in email subject line so apostrophes don’t convert to special characters.

Department of State Internship Program changes

  • Updated the user profile to allow multiple bureaus/offices/posts—now Bureau Internship Coordinators (BIC) can be coordinators for multiple bureaus.
  • Added functionality so Bureau Internship Coordinators can approve internships for all of their assigned bureaus.
  • Added a Withdraw feature so students can withdraw their application after the cycle closes.
  • Changed the Create Internship Opportunity field label “Headline” to “Title”.
  • Added field size and character limit indicator on the Edit Internship Opportunity page to help guide users when editing internship information.
  • Fixed the layout of the USAJOBS logo in the internship emails.