Help Center

January 11, 2019


  • Added the ability to create and manage communities—a community is a group of users who share a common goal or interest.
    • Opportunity creators can post opportunities to a specific community.
    • Added a community administrator role - community administrators will get an email when there are opportunities ready for them to review and approve.
    • Community administrators can add members to a community—members will get an email when they’re added to a community.
  • Added a step to the Create an opportunity process to select a target audience — you can post an opportunity to a specific audience (community, agency, all Federal Employees, etc.)
  • Imported data from USAJOBS to standardize our information.
  • Made some back-end changes to support future search improvements.

Bug fixes

We fixed:

  • Navigation disappearing on some pages.
  • An incorrect link in the “draft opportunity created” email.