Help Center

January 13, 2020

Sitewide enhancements

  • Reordered metric dashboards to show current year, quarter and month to display most current information up front.
  • Added functionality so administrators can search for users by email.
  • Updated the message to notify a user if they haven’t provided a biography or skills, when submitting an application for an opportunity.
  • Added the ability for sitewide administrators to remove applicants from opportunities.
  • Added the ability to link deactivated accounts (future) to the old account if a later sign in is attempted.

State Department Internship Program changes

  • Added a requirement for State creators to have a bureau and office/post in their profile before they can create an internship.
  • Added required security clearance to the internship applicant view.
  • Changed the field label from Secondary application link to Exclusive job announcement.
  • Added a new field to the cycle table for Exclusive posting end date.
  • Updated selectee and alternate emails with:
    • Updated security clearance language for when “None” is selected.
    • The name of the internship.
    • Revised language for the cycle description.
    • The exclusive posting end date to indicate when they must complete the exclusive posting.
  • Created a new user role of Bureau Internship Coordinator (BIC) that can approve internships for their bureau.
    • Added a toggle to the manage user dashboard for State where community managers can give and remove BIC access.
  • Updated the UI so student intern applicants can view the list of internships they applied to and its information, after the apply cycle has closed.