Help Center

January 27, 2020

Sitewide enhancements

  • Added a Community Manager badge to identify users as Community Managers.
  • Created search results page specific for the Cyber community.
  • Added Community as a search filter.
  • Created a vanity URL for Federal Acquisitions Institute (FAI) to make it easier for community members to view and share opportunities specific to acquisitions.
  • Added functionality so opportunity creators can edit previously approved opportunities without sending it back through the workflow.
  • Added functionality to disable accounts after three years of inactivity to comply with security requirements and keep peoples data up-to-date.
  • Created a new Approver role. Approvers are users who need to approve opportunities without managing other users.
  • Updated the Share Opportunity email format to improve usability and readability.
  • Added default text for the Comment box on opportunity detail pages telling users they can enter comments.
  • Updated the Opportunity Submitted email to clarify content and make it consistent.
  • Removed duplicate badges from user profiles.
  • Updated functionality to not display the Posted date until the opportunity has been approved.
  • Stopped using past dates from the estimated completion field date.

Department of State Student Internship Program Changes

  • Added the Bureau Internship Coordinator role as a label in profiles.