Help Center

July 15, 2019


Made major enhancements to the People search including:

  • Improved People search performance and relevance.
  • Added the ability to search for people by skills (using the skills saved in their profile).
  • Added keyword search to search people by name, job title, skill, career field and agency.
  • Added autocomplete to the location search.
  • Added a new user interface with improved visibility of key profile information.
  • Added pagination to search results making it easier to sort through results.
  • Updated the user interface to be consistent with USAJOBS.
  • Improved navigation for system, agency and community administrators.
  • Updated the profile to include the Open Opportunities email address if no official federal government email address has been provided.
  • Added a feature to change the community for an opportunity/internship.
  • Added new application status help content for applicants and interns.
  • Added new internship status help content for administrators and opportunity creators.

Bug fixes

We fixed:

  • A casing issue in emails that affected signing into the site.
  • A profile issue where skills were not saving to the profile.