Help Center

July 23, 2021

Sitewide enhancements

Discussion board

  • Updated line spacing and padding to improve the layout of text in posts.
  • Improved the breadcrumbs on discussion board pages.
  • Added the ability to send an email notification when an administrator deletes a post.


  • Updated the navigation buttons in the Create an opportunity process.
  • Added a success banner that will display when a user makes changes to the community settings page.
  • Updated the label Official government email address to Federal government email address.
  • Lowercased “Federal Government” to “federal government” throughout the site.
  • Changed Series title to Occupational series on the Opportunity Search page.
  • Added Select date and Last updated date to opportunity .csv.
  • Updated administrator’s permissions so they can see all fields on the profile page regardless of a user’s privacy settings.
  • Indented the checkboxes on Privacy settings and added a description.
  • Added alt text to the ambassador badge.
  • Moved the title field within the Create an opportunity process from step 2 to step 1.

Bug fixes

  • Removed the ability for line/program office managers to click on .csv files.
  • Fixed a CSS display issue with select2 when using search.
  • Updated the discussion board header to Discussion board latest posts.