Help Center

June 12, 2020

Site-wide enhancements

  • Updated the application process for applying to details and laterals.
    • The application process includes a statement of interest, a resume selection field, and a sidebar with help text.
    • Opportunity creators can view the statement of interest, and resume when reviewing detail or lateral applications.
    • Applicants can update their applications while the detail or lateral opportunity is Accepting applications
  • Updated how resumes are handled during the application process for a detail or lateral opportunity:
    • Applicants can upload resumes from USAJOBS.
    • Applicants and opportunity creators can download and view resumes that were uploaded through USAJOBS.
    • Applicants and opportunity creators can view resumes created from the USAJOBS resume builder tool.
  • Created a confirmation page and What happens next page that displays when an applicant submits their application for a detail or lateral opportunity.
  • Added a column called Community to the manage opportunities page so that sitewide administrators know which opportunities are part of a community.
  • Added the community name under the agency name to display on the opportunity preview and overview page.