Help Center

June 19, 2019


  • Launched two-factor authentication using – now you can securely sign into USAJOBS and Open Opportunities using one account
  • Updated our sign in process to navigate users to the right place if they’re missing information in their profile, such as hiring path, federal email address or agency information
  • Created one profile for both USAJOBS and Open Opportunities — Open Opportunities users can now link their USAJOBS and Open Opportunities profile so they have only one profile to keep up to date.
  • Released new functionality for the U.S. Department of State Student Internship Program (Unpaid)
    • Launched a new online application process so students can apply to unpaid internship opportunities on Open Opportunities. Students can:
      • Search for internships using new search features.
      • Review internships and save them as a favorite.
      • View their status and saved internships on the student landing page.
    • Added functionality so unpaid internship hiring managers and administrators can manage the application process. They can:
      • Post unpaid internship opportunities.
      • Create and edit new hiring cycle periods.
    • Created new emails to communicate with hiring managers, administrators, and students of status, activity and next steps.
  • Enhanced our community features, so community administrators can edit community information.