Help Center

June 29, 2018


  • Updated the account registration process to only allow a federal email address.
  • Added total number of opportunities to the top of the search results page.
  • Updated the search results page to only display 10 opportunities per page.
  • Incorporated keyword search features.
  • Separated and relabeled skills and interests on the profile page.
  • Added a new email to let opportunity creators know when someone has applied to their opportunity.
  • Enhanced administrative functions.
  • Enhanced the site navigation.
  • Added a character limit of 35 for any new skills entered on an opportunity.
  • Added a help feature to the ‘create an opportunity’ process to explain the ‘continuing accepting applicants’ toggle.

Bug fixes

We fixed:

  • Various mobile and desktop display issues.
  • Error handing on the Create account and Create opportunity pages.
  • Issues with photo upload page refresh on the Profile page.
  • An issue with deleting comments from opportunities for some users.
  • The location table—it no longer allows duplicate locations to be added and displayed.
  • The profile link for an applicant or participant—it’s now clickable by the opportunity creator.
  • The “duplicate opportunity” feature—it now copies all fields on the opportunity over.