Help Center

March 23, 2020

  • Added a couple of new fields to the Create Opportunity form:
    • An option to select Detail as the opportunity type
    • A check box to indicate if the Detail is reimbursable.
    • An option to select if the Detail is part-time or full-time.
  • Updated the Search feature to include filters for part-time and full-time details.
  • Added the ability for administrators to add a logo to the community attribute table— logos can be displayed on custom search banner and opportunities.
  • Added the ability for administrators to change the background color or photo of the search banner on a community page.
  • Revised the content on the Let’s Get Started Modal to clarify next steps after selecting an applicant.
  • Updated the metrics to include the number of opportunities created by opportunity type.
  • Updated opportunity Excel file to include type of opportunity.
  • Added instructional text above the Apply button to indicate if an opportunity is limited to employees of a specific agency—this only displays if the opportunity is limited to an agency.
  • Added functionality to display “not eligible to apply” for users who try to apply to an agency specific opportunity, and the user is not part of that agency.
  • Updated the community search pages to display all opportunities, regardless of whether the opportunity is limited to an agency or not.
  • Updated the landing page to only display communities that have opportunities currently open.