Help Center

May 14, 2021

Sitewide enhancements

  • Updated the Administrator dashboard with the following:
    • Improved the user interface improvements in the alignment of text.
    • Added new banner notifications.
    • Revised content to be clearer.
  • Created a monthly extract report to assist in measuring the success of skills matching.
  • Updated the button labels on the Create opportunity process to be clearer and improve the user flow.
  • Updated the Profile to display communities that a user belongs to.
  • Added more date fields to the opportunity .csv to improve metrics reporting.
  • Created another Certificate of completion that includes a second signature from a learning officer.
  • Added the Last updated date to the opportunity detail to help applicants understand how current an opportunity is.
  • Added a message prompting users to save their profile if they click to make updates in USAJOBS.
  • Updated the behavior of notification banners—if a user dismisses a banner, it will stay dismissed during the users session.
  • Updated the Saved star to display on opportunities even when a user is signed out—clicking the Saved star will prompt the user to sign in to save the opportunity as a favorite.
  • Updated when an applicant status changes and badge is awarded—we will now update the applicant status and send badges when the opportunity creator marks the participant as complete, instead of when the opportunity is marked as complete.

Bug fixes

  • Resolved an issue where the Join community button was displaying on the community profile page for closed communities.
  • Resolved a Duplicate opportunity issue so it no longer takes too long to copy an opportunity.