Help Center

May 15, 2020

Site-wide enhancements

  • Added new functionality to select or not select an applicant, including
    • A green success banner after an opportunity creator clicks Select or Don’t-select for an applicant.
    • An applicant status box to indicate if an applicant has been marked as Selected or Not-selected.
    • A Change selection button so opportunity creators can change the status of an applicant (i.e. Change from Selected to Not Selected)
  • Revised the Opportunity search results to display 20 opportunity cards per page on desktop and on mobile.
  • Added number from “How many people do you need?” field in .csv so administrator users can view metrics.
  • Removed the word “topic” from the hint text in the opportunity keyword search box.
  • Updated the No search results page text to better explain how to get the results they are looking for.
  • Added functionality so using the Enter key will submit entries in the search and comment fields.
  • Changed “5+” to “6+” on the Create an opportunity page to avoid confusion for users.
  • Removed “Draft”, “Submitted”, “Not Open” and “Cancelled” filters from opportunity search for administrators, because it’s redundant.
  • Added keyword autocomplete on all search pages to improve usability.
  • Added Sitewide Approver to the Sort by dropdown on the Manage Users page.
  • Revised the layout of the Manage Users page to reduce the need to scroll.
  • Added the agency name to the opportunity card displayed in search results and to the opportunity overview page.
  • Updated the text in the Disable community warning modal.
  • Updated the text in the Inactive community warning banner.
  • Added mailto links to user emails in the administrator dashboard.
  • Added functionality so opportunity creators can email multiple applicants.
  • Updated detail length options on the Create opportunity page.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed display of opportunities on a community page—this helps a signed-in user, who is part of a sub-agency, to see all opportunities they can apply for.
  • Fixed 508 compliance issues.
  • Fixed issue where metrics in Administrator view were incorrect.