Help Center

May 29, 2020

Site-wide enhancements

  • Updated the applicant view page so that only opportunity creators can see not-selected applicants.
  • Added a Sitewide Admin and Sitewide Approver filter on the manage user page.
  • Updated the manage users page so that students cannot be given administration privileges.
  • Updated the Comments section to:
    • Nest the Replies under the original post.
    • Allow users to edit and delete their own comments and replies.
    • Display the two most recent comments and their replies. The rest are hidden behind a View previous comments link.
    • Display the two most recent replies. The rest are hidden behind a link.
    • Add a Refresh button at the bottom of the comments section so comments can be refreshed without reloading the page
    • Add an email notification for comments—users are directed to the corresponding comment when clicking on the link in the email.
  • Added a Sort by dropdown menu on the search results page.
  • Enhanced the ability to filter opportunities by location.
  • Added ability to search for opportunities by a department.
  • Added the Allow virtual participation check box to opportunity creation and this is carried over if an opportunity is duplicated.
  • Updated the display of the opportunity overview and preview views to include In Person and Virtual if those are selected during the opportunity creation.
  • Updated the search results to include opportunities with Allow virtual participation when the Virtual filter is applied.
  • Added an alert so that admins know when they are making changes to someone else’s opportunity.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed issue where user is unable to create a new community.
  • Fixed issue where clicking on a skill in search takes you to the Oops page.