Help Center

October 15, 2021

Sitewide enhancements


  • Added mobile view of the messages page.
  • Fixed some design and formatting issues.

Community Stories

  • Added ability for administrators to create and edit a community story.
  • Added a Community Stories tab within the community table.
  • Added the ability to preview a community story on Community home page.
  • Created a new page to display all community stories.
  • Created a new page to display selected community story.
  • Added a success banner to display after a user adds or edits a community story.


  • Moved the Sign out link to the main navigation.
  • Removed the supervisory approval on lateral detail opportunities.
  • Added a help link on the People search filter.
  • Updated the Manage Community tab to add a community administrator option to the Sort by feature.
  • Added a default sort order on the Community page.
  • Added a success banner to display when a user changes their email settings.
  • Updated the styling of quotes within stories.
  • Removed the red dot next to a users’ name on the home page.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed the display of the Community title on Community search pages.
  • Fixed 508 issues on the Community events tab.
  • Fixed the location display on the Shared profile email.
  • Removed inactive members from displaying in search results.
  • Fixed issues with the view count text on the Discussion posts page.