Help Center

October 29, 2021

Sitewide enhancements

Sitewide events

  • Added a section on the What’s new dashboards tab to display sitewide events.
  • Created a new page to display all sitewide events.
  • Added ability to display an event on the following pages:
    • Landing page
    • What’s new tab
    • Search page
  • Added ability for administators to create a new event.
  • Added ability for administrators to edit an active event.
  • Created several warning modals that display when:
    • A user navigates away from event creation page without saving their changes.
    • A user deletes an active event.
  • Created several success banners that display after a user:
    • Creates a new event.
    • Edits an active event.
    • Deletes an event.
  • Updated the user profile to include sitewide email settings, so users can manage the emails they receive.
  • Added email notifications for new events.
  • Created the ability to share events.

Community events

  • Added ability to display time and an event title link.
  • Updated the event email sent to community members to include community name and event time.
  • Added ability to display time zones for start and end times (if provided).
  • Increased the font size for the event date in the expanded view.


  • Upgraded the site from USWDS 2.9.0 to USWDS 2.12.1.
  • Moved the Release notes above Latest achievements on What’s New tab.

Bug fixes

  • Resolved member count discrepancy on the community card on the Community search page.