Help Center

September 03, 2021

Sitewide enhancements


Made changes to improve the authentication process for new and existing users of Open Opportunities:

  • Updated the profile creation process and page for new users.
  • Created a new profile page.
  • Created a new page for ineligible users.
  • Added validation for when a user switches their federal email address.
  • Updated the page that displays after confirming federal email address.
  • Updated some profile fields with prepopulated information coming from an active USAJOBS profile.
  • Updated the profile page to show user status field.

Implemented a one-year expiration of federal email address confirmation for security purposes:

  • Added a warning banner for when a federal email address will expire in 30 days.
  • Updated the Confirm federal email address page to display after one-year expiration and after expiration period.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed the default setting for community question on Create an opportunity page.
  • Fixed a validation issue on the detail question on Create an opportunity page.