Help Center

September 04, 2020

Site-wide enhancements

Changes to support the NOAA community

  • Added a community Line Office Manager toggle within the Manage Community feature
  • Created an approval email that goes to the Line Office Manager when a new opportunity is posted.
  • Added a message to community members to include a line office and program in their profile.

Changes to the Create Opportunity form

  • Changed Ongoing to Recurring on both Create opportunity and Search.
  • Removed the text “Requires up to 20% of a participants…” if the creator selects Recurring.
  • Removed the text “Allow virtual participation”.
  • Added a Negotiable option to the Where section.
  • Removed sample Estimated completion date.
  • Added new field for Host office will pay for travel expenses?
  • Added new Line office dropdown.
  • Added new Program office dropdown.

Changes to opportunity overview page:

  • Added a link so the opportunity creator can email all non-selected applicants.
  • Moved the warning text above the Next step button.
  • Removed the Cancel link (next to Edit).
  • Updated the location text to say “Virtual and/or [location]” when both are selected on the create opportunity form.
  • Updated the blue box to display a new Travel Expenses paid section.

Other changes

  • Added markup to the Stories section.
  • Added co-owners to the emails that go to opportunity creators.
  • Updated the text in the Do you want to participate? modal.
  • Added text-based versions of all emails.
  • Added the number of results beside each filter on the Search page.
  • Changed the label from Total assigned to Total selected in the interactions section of the Administrator dashboard.
  • Added ability for site-wide admins to change the community on any opportunity.
  • Added Line office and Program to the Manage opportunities dashboard.

Bug Fixes

We fixed the following issues:

  • Slow response time on Manage Opportunities for administrators.
  • 508 issues on the opportunity card and home page.
  • Renew column not displaying for co-owners (for opportunities with 91+ days of inactivity).
  • Overflowing content in the What happens next box on the opportunity page
  • Incorrect sizing of the detail icon on the Create an opportunity form.
  • Long opportunity title overlapping the Save link on the opportunity results page.
  • Displaying incorrect selectee count and name information in opportunities export from a certain community.
  • Slow page load when navigating to manage opportunities within a certain community.