Help Center

September 18, 2020

Site-wide enhancements

  • Launched a new feature that lets opportunity creators invite people to an opportunity. The new feature includes:
    • A modal that displays when a user is invited to an opportunity.
    • A success banner that displays when a user is successfully invited to an opportunity.
  • Made a few changes to the Our customers’ stories section, including:
    • Increased the height of the banner on the stories page.
    • Adjusted the font size of the text in the See what people are saying about us box.
    • Added ability to include Agency name in stories.
    • Adjusted the size of the story card and image on the stories preview page.
  • Updated the opportunity page to collapse the Not-selected section after an opportunity creator clicks Next steps.
  • Changed the label Cancel your application to Withdraw your application.

Changes to support the NOAA community

  • Added Estimated start date and Estimated completion date fields to the Create opportunity form.
  • Added Line office and Program fields (if included) to the blue box on the opportunity detail page.
  • Changed the Grade field label to Grade/Band on the Create opportunity form.
  • Added ability to include multiple Grade/Bands and updated how they’re displayed on detail and lateral opportunities.
  • Added ability to search detail opportunities by Grade range.
  • Updated opportunity preview page and duplicate feature to include all new fields.
  • Added a toggle to the Manage community page so users can turn “optional fields” on or off to display on the Create opportunity form.
  • Added a toggle to Community administration page to specify office naming conventions.
  • Added an Apply confirmation modal and updated the text for detail and lateral opportunities.
  • Added help link for Step 2 on the Create opportunity page.
  • Updated permissions so that only site-wide administrators can add or edit the following fields on the community attribute table:
    • Community type
    • Target audience
    • Duration
    • Agency
  • Added Community attributes section to display information on the Community profile page.
  • Added Community marketing content section to the Administration dashboard.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed the results page so it’s no longer blank when a user searches for a name on the Manage users page.
  • Fixed the preview display of Estimated start or Estimated completion date.