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What are endorsements?

An endorsement is a way for you to highlight great work. You can now receive endorsements as an opportunity participant and give endorsements as an opportunity creator! Once a creator selects the Task complete link under a selected applicant’s name, they will have the option to write an endorsement note. Endorsements will appear next to the completed opportunity on a user’s profile and can be viewed by anyone who visits their profile.

How do I see endorsements?

If you’re a participant, you can see your endorsements on your dashboard. You will only see endorsements for completed opportunities.

  1. Sign into Open Opportunities
  2. Go to your dashboard and go to your completed opportunities.
  3. Click View for each opportunity under Endorsements. If you don’t see a View link, then you don’t have any endorsements yet.
  4. Review your endorsement and choose whether you want it to appear on your profile.
  5. Click Save.

Who can see my endorsements?

Anyone who views your profile through the networking feature will see your endorsements, if you choose to have your endorsements appear on your profile. If you choose not to display your endorsements, then only you will see them.