Help Center

August 7, 2020

Site-wide enhancements

  • Revised the emails a user receives when:
    • Their opportunity hasn’t been marked as completed.
    • Their opportunity has expired (updated subject line).
  • Revised emails to explain how to renew their opportunity.
  • Added an option for a community to use an external apply process. When the external apply process feature is turned on for a community, users who click Apply will leave Open Opportunities and go to another website to apply.
  • Added a new Saved people feature. Users can:
    • Save a profile from the people search card view.
    • See all saved profiles under a new Saved people tab.
    • See suggested profiles under a new Based on your job title and Based on your agency section within the Saved people tab.
  • Removed the See other people like you section from the landing page.
  • Added a Stories feature on the Administration page. Sitewide administrators can:
    • Add up to 12 stories.
    • Add a name, photo, story text and a quote.
    • Sort stories.
  • Added Stories to the signed out landing page.
  • Implemented no downtime deployments.
  • Increased database query performance on the user list and user export queries.
  • Identified a more efficient method for storing calculated values.
  • Identified a more user centric metrics dashboard.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed issue so when a user archives more than one saved search, their saved searches do not disappear.