Help Center

August 21, 2020

Site-wide enhancements

  • Added the ability to display user stories and testimonials on the site.
  • Added ability for a user to save another user’s profile to a Saved People page.
  • Updated metrics for sitewide admins to include the number of laterals.
  • Updated the saved search feature to require unique name.
  • Added ability to save an opportunity from the search results page.
  • Added help content for saved searches.
  • Updated the applicant section on an opportunity so it expands when Continue accepting applications is toggled on.
  • Updated the location field on the Create opportunity page to use autocomplete.
  • Increased the character limit in the community description field.
  • Added markdown to the title and subtitle fields on the community administration page.
  • Made several changes to support the NOAA community. Added the following:
    • A Line Office and Program section to the Manage Community page.
    • The ability to add, edit and delete an existing Line Office or Program.
    • A Community LOM column to the Manage users section.
    • A Line Office and Program section to the profile for NOAA community members.
    • The Line Office and Program field to the user csv.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue so that the saved search message displays when an additional filter is added to a search.
  • Fixed issue to include a community image in the email for a new opportunity.