Help Center

December 02, 2019

Sitewide enhancements

  • Updated sitewide opportunity .csv file to show in progress metrics.

State Department Internship Program changes

Content changes

  • Updated content to clarify the closing time of 11:59 p.m. ET and to submit prior to 11:59 p.m. ET
  • Added new content to the Update modal for State internships to clarify you must submit if you update the application.
  • Updated content on the Next Steps page of the internship application to describe when data is pulled from the USAJOBS profile.
  • Added content about how to update an application to the What’s Next page.
  • Updated student application submitted email to include information on how to update your application.
  • Updated the applicant status labels – changed Selected to Primary Select and Alternate to Alternate Select.

Changes to community member profile, managing communities and managing internships

  • Added bureau and office/post to State community members profile.
  • Added a tip for State community members to add a bureau and office/post to their profile (if they don’t have one).
  • Added bureau and office/post to the state user dashboard.
  • Added functionality so the approver email is only sent to the community manager associated to the bureau and office/post. If no community manager is associated, all community managers will continue to receive the email.
  • Removed the “virtual” option when creating a student internship.
  • Added functionality so community managers can add, edit or delete the bureau and office/post data on their own.
  • Added functionality to restrict cycle from being changed once an internship is approved.

Metrics updates

  • Added drafts to the State internship dashboard metrics.
  • Updated interactions metrics.

File download updates

  • Updated State internship .csv file to add number of positions and locations
  • Updated the State user .csv file to include bureau and office/post for users
  • Updated the State .csv interactions download to add counts for primary selections, alternate selections and successfully completed

Audit and tracking data updates

  • Added tracking for application submit and update dates.
  • Added tracking for who deleted an internship, including task number, title and creator.
  • Added functionality so internships will no longer go back to submit status when edited after being approved.
  • Added ATP close date on Open Opportunities cycle page.

Bugs fixed

  • Fixed the link in the State submitted application email to correctly take students to their dashboard.
  • Fixed metrics on State incomplete applications dashboard.
  • Resolved issue where community managers can’t change the owner of an internship.
  • Resolved issue where community managers can’t see the applicants on the internship.
  • Fixed issue where Manage User search wouldn’t allow for full name search.
  • Resolved issue where iPhone loads pictures sideways on user profile.