Help Center

January 22, 2021

Sitewide enhancements


  • Added a notification banner for signed in users to update their profile skills and biography for use in skills matching.
  • Updated the skills section within the biography to a text box that includes formatting options instead of a select box.
  • Launched Skills Engine feature—when a user updates their Skills or Biography and clicks Save, their data is sent to Skills Engine and Skills Engine will assign and save related skills tags to the user’s profile behind the scenes.

Create Opportunity

  • Updated the Create opportunity process to 4-steps with a tracker at the top to show progress.
  • Updated help text for the What you’ll do, What you’ll learn, and Requirements fields, explaining that these fields will be used for skills matching. After clicking Next in step 2, the data for these fields will be sent to Skills Engine.
  • Moved Skills and Related keywords to a new step 3.
  • Updated Step 3 to display the relevant skills from Skills engine and other skills that are available.
  • Added ability for Opportunity creators to select up to 5 of the skills to add to their opportunity.