Help Center

July 09, 2021

Sitewide enhancements

User Profile

  • Added a new profile settings section to the profile page.
  • Added ability for users to hide fields from the profile.
  • Displayed hidden fields on user’s account setting page.
  • Renamed Biography field to About Me on profile page, banners, alerts, and modals.

Discussion board

  • Fixed line spacing and padding to improve the layout of text.
  • Improved the breadcrumb on the discussion board pages.
  • Added time stamp to posts and comments.


  • Created a new tab to for the What’s New and Latest achievement sections.
  • Added LinkedIn URL to profile pages.
  • Fixed overlap of title headers and the saved star icon on Opportunity cards.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed the ability for Community managers to see applicant list on active opportunities.
  • Fixed the “created/participated” column and allow for timely updates.
  • Fixed 508 discrepancies on Stories page, individual stories, Manage opportunities, and the Manage users page.