Help Center

March 9, 2018

New design

We updated the site to use the USAJOBS design system. This includes updates to the color, typography, button style, layout and more.


We added:

  • The ability to assign participants to an opportunity, while keeping the opportunity open.
  • Labels to indicate where the opportunity is in the process–whether it’s assigning, in progress or completed.
  • The ability to mark participants with ‘task completed’.
  • An automatic notification to the opportunity creator when a new comment is added to an opportunity.
  • An option to cancel an opportunity.
  • An agency admin role.
  • A way to clearly identify which applicants have been assigned to an opportunity.
  • An easy way to mark the entire opportunity as complete.

Bug fixes

We fixed:

  • The image displays in IE and Edge.
  • The email field for signing in—it’s no longer case sensitive.

Security updates

  • We’re now using a non-persistent cookie.
  • Added an inactive session termination
  • Limited the visibility of unauthenticated users.
  • Fixed the password confirmation on password reset.