Help Center

May 1, 2020

Site-wide enhancements

  • Updated the opportunity card to display a community logo, as well as the opportunity creator name.
  • Added a link to the help center for the Who section of the Create Opportunity page.
  • Hid applicant photos on the review page for Details and Laterals.
  • Added functionality so opportunity creators can mark applicants as accepted or not accepted.
  • Updated the community description field to include line breaks and a clickable link.
  • Updated the search function so a user can search by clicking on a skill tag.
  • Added functionality to disable a community so a community manager can remove inactive communities from displaying. Community managers can still view disabled communities and can request to reactivate if needed.
  • Added notifications for when a community is disabled, so users understand why they can no longer see a community.
  • Added the ability to create customer banners on the landing page and search page for important notices.