Help Center

November 12, 2021

Sitewide enhancements

Sitewide Events

  • Updated how events display—we will remove events on the Event page when the start date or end date (if provided) has passed.
  • Changed Display column to Featured events.
  • Removed the maximum number of sitewide events that a user can display.
  • Added a banner telling users to edit their email settings to receive email notifications of new events.


  • Changed the font color of the story title and author name to black.
  • Changed capitalization for View All Stories and Read More to lower case.
  • Added several warning modals to display when a user selects cancel while:
    • Creating a new story page.
    • Editing an event
    • Creating a new community.
  • Added a confirmation modal that displays when a user joins an open community.
  • Added a success banner that displays when a user joins a community.


  • Fixed the overlap of profile text and icon in mobile view.
  • Updated the opportunity list to only show opportunities a user is selected for.
  • Revised the text on success banner when a user changes their email setting.
  • Completed code refactor.
  • Added a unique ID to Find opportunities buttons on landing page.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed the Community dropdown when creating an opportunity for a specific community.
  • Fixed closed communities displaying as open.
  • Fixed the display of the organization title on opportunity preview and create pages.
  • Deleted the verified government email address from the record table.
  • Resolved 508 issues with admin events, search, and view events.
  • Fixed the display of the Department of State admin dashboard for community admin.
  • Updated to use the correct banner when deactivating a community.
  • Reduced window size on search page.
  • Stopped sending the message center notification for when a user earns a new badge after completing five tasks.
  • Removed special characters when email is sent to message center.