Help Center

October 2, 2020

Site-wide enhancements

  • Added a Community link in the top navigation.
  • Added profile pages for each community.
  • Added markdown to the community manager field in the Community attributes page.
  • Added a toggle for custom survey links to the community attributes page
  • Made the following changes to the Create opportunity form:
    • Changed the field label and help text from Series to Occupational series.
    • Added placeholder text in the date fields.
    • Updated error messaging for start and end date fields.
  • Added a new toggle so administrators can display or not display a community on the Communities page.
  • Removed Internships link from the navigation.
  • Made the following changes to the stories and testimonials section:
    • Set image size to 300x300.
    • Added photos to the See what others are saying about Open Opportunities section.
    • Split name into two fields on the testimonials section of community attributes.
    • Changed the link below a testimonial to only display first name.
    • Added featured stories to the main search page.
  • Added the ability to invite someone to apply to an opportunity.
  • Updated default text on the opportunity detail when no applicants have applied.
  • Updated how you select a community during the opportunity creation process.
  • Added ability for users to search for members by community.
  • Added a field for adding related skills and series to a community.
  • Moved How often do you need this time? field under How many hours do you need? on the Create opportunity form.
  • Added ability to run reports on applicant statistics.
  • Added all new fields to the opportunity csv file.
  • Added custom survey links to the complete emails.
  • Listed community managers on the community profile page.
  • Added an index page listing all communities.
  • Added help content for the following:
    • What’s the difference between an in person and virtual opportunity.
    • How to select applicants.
  • Updated the modal display when a user applies for a NOAA opportunity.
  • Added default help text to the invite to opportunity search box.
  • Added the invited to apply section to the signed in dashboard.

Changes to support the NOAA community

  • Updated the NOAA community to include Line office and Program office fields:
    • Added ability to search by these fields.
    • Added these fields to the Manage User page.
    • Added a banner encouraging users to add these fields to their profile.
    • Added a toggle to require applicants and creators to have a Line office and Program office in their profile.
    • Added warning message for applicants and creators when missing Line office and Program office from their profile

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue so users don’t have to select a new image (if there is an existing image) when editing a testimonial.
  • Fixed image rendering issue for stories on mobile.
  • Fixed punctuation appearing twice in user stories.