Help Center

October 16, 2020

Site-wide enhancements


Added the following updates to Community pages:

  • A community profile summary to the left-hand side of the page.
  • Related skills to the community profile page and individual community card.
  • Series to community profile page.
  • Join button so users can join a community.
  • Leave community button so users can leave a community.
  • Search function for Communities, including page count and total number of search results.
  • Ability to specify an alternate URL when a user clicks View opportunity from a community profile page.
  • Ability to add community profile page banners, which display at the top of the community profile page.
  • A new field to the Manage community page that captures the URL for information about participant requirements.
  • Removed Community manager label from members list on community profile page.
  • Updated the help text in the community members search box.

Manage applicant flow

  • Added a Display manage applicants toggle to the Manage Community page.
  • Added the ability to add tasks to the Manage applicant view.
  • Added a Manage applicant link under each applicant name. The link displays after the creator clicks Next step.
  • Redesigned the right rail on an applicant’s application with the information from the Manage applicant view toggle.
  • Added ability for creators to edit the Manage applicant view on an applicant’s application.
  • Added a Task checklist to the right rail on the Manage applicant view.
  • Added a Not complete modal that displays when a creator tries to complete an opportunity, but not all applicants have been marked as Task complete.
  • Added a Tasks not complete modal that displays when a creator clicks Complete task for an applicant.

Other changes

  • Added a date range to the Opportunity CSV and Applicant CSV.
  • Added a confirmation modal when a user clicks Withdraw application.
  • Updated the “Official use” banner that displays at the top of the page.
  • Updated user metrics on the Administration dashboard.
  • Updated Details and Laterals to include a messaging after a user clicks Next step at the bottom of an opportunity page.

Bug fixes

We fixed the following:

  • An issue with the statement of interest during the application process.
  • A page time-out issue caused by vanity URLs.
  • The “Alternate view opportunity URL” field to prevent users from entering bad data.