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How to withdraw an application

To withdraw an application from an opportunity:

  1. Sign into Open Opportunities.
  2. Go to the Participated section of your dashboard.
  3. Find and click the opportunity that you want to withdraw your application.
  4. Click Withdraw your application, located in the blue box. A message will appear to confirm you want to withdraw your application.
  5. Click Withdraw.

How to use updated profile information in an application

Another reason to withdraw your application is if you updated your USAJOBS profile AFTER you submitted your application. If you want to use the updated profile information in your application, you need to withdraw your existing application and create a new one to pull over your USAJOBS profile information.

Do you want to update your application?

Instead of withdrawing, you can update your application, however the changes you make to your application don’t get saved to your USAJOBS profile.