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How to add skills to an opportunity

When you create an opportunity, we will use Skills Engine to analyze the content in your opportunity and recommend the most relevant skills your participants will need. Adding skills to your opportunity will let participants know what you’re looking for and will also help your opportunity show up in search results.

How does it work?

Using Skills Engine ™, we will analyze and recommend related skills based on the content you enter in the What you’ll do, What you’ll learn and Requirements (for detail opportunities only) sections of the opportunity. The list of related skills will display in order of relevancy.

What you’ll do and What you’ll learn are required sections of the create opportunity process. The Requirements section only appears for detail opportunities and is optional.

How many skills can I add to an opportunity?

You must choose at least one skill, but can choose up to five to display on your opportunity. You don’t have to use the top five recommended skills. You can choose from the full list of related skills.

How do I add skills?

  1. Sign into Open Opportunities.
  2. Click Create opportunity to start.
  3. Fill in the required fields in Step 1.
  4. Fill in the required fields in Step 2.
  5. Make sure you fill out the What you’ll do and What you’ll learn sections. Skills Engine will analyze the content in these sections to recommend skills. If you fill in the Requirements (for details only) section, we will also analyze that content to recommend skills.
  6. Continue filling out the opportunity until you get to Step 3.
  7. Review the recommended list of skills—skills are sorted with the most relevant at the top.
  8. Use the search box above the list of skills to search for a specific skill.
  9. Click on a skill to add it to your opportunity. You must select at least one and up to five skills.
  10. Click on the red x if you want to remove a skill.

Where will the skills appear?

The skills you select will appear at the top of your opportunity.